Leading with the good of the patient first yields the highest value care.

Precision medicine needs a more precise benefit structure.

Legacy pharmacy benefit management follows a top-down model, generalized to a patient population. Epidaurus takes a step further. Our technology allows plan sponsors to seamlessly manage benefit plans personalized to each individual beneficiary’s medical needs. Once providers have identified a treatment and the beneficiary consents, Epidaurus algorithms run real-time analyses to help payers get the best market value and optimally allocate funds to enable treatment access.

End-to-end support for the prescription lifecycle on a secure cryptographic network

Epidaurus models the prescription lifecycle as a three-phase process, consisting of authorization, billing, and reimbursement. Prescribing is treated first as a clinical decision involving the prescriber, the patient, and the pharmacist. Epidaurus provides plan sponsors with a computational foundation to implement efficient financial strategies to support prescriber recommendations that have received beneficiary consent and pharmacist approval. Financial strategies are adjusted according to verifiable statistics showing evidence of value, which providers share with plan sponsors on a contractually specified basis. Statistics are generated from validated, encrypted records of prescriptions from participating pharmacies.

Financial Security with Support for Clinical Innovation

Finding the right balance

An information management system is only as good as its design. The reality today is that electronic health record systems today were designed to serve administrative purposes before clinical record-keeping. Epidaurus is here to make moving between shared clinical decision-making and financial processing seamless.

Privacy and Self-Sovereignty

Patients deserve greater ownership of their personal health data. Our platform allows patients to track the provenance of their records, to see who has had access and why.

Price Transparency

Value-based care is impossible when patients don’t have access to pricing and options to enable financial access for medically necessary treatments.

Medication Reconciliation

Trustworthy medication histories are a non-negotiable for primary care physicians, pharmacists, and patients to make truly value-based decisions together.

Improved Cashflow Models

The Epidaurus ecosystem has been engineered to drive timely payments on a contractually specified basis, with options for full automation of settlements.

Intelligent Formularies

Epidaurus helps users build drug formularies that are flexible, data-driven, and responsive to inputs based on the evolving and unique needs of individual beneficiaries.

Performance Tracking

Epidaurus ensures that patient, physician and pharmacist concur on record data captured throughout treatment. Carriers have aggregate views into populations to drive better plan designs.

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Our Company

Epidaurus Health is a digital health startup based in Alexandria, Virginia. We are a team of seasoned data professionals, with decades worth of combined experience solving complex information problems for clients in politics, government, insurance, and financial services.

Epidaurus Health is bringing pharmacy benefits into the Information Age. Having delivered a blockchain-based solution for financial reconciliation, we began considering the challenge of data silos in healthcare. We narrowed our scope to pharmaceutical reimbursement after months of research into pain points of users of electronic health record systems.

Why Us

We are engineers and data scientists working with subject matter experts in healthcare to overcome data silos in prescription processing and pharmacy benefits. Incredible innovations are happening in pharmaceutical research; our unique technology has been designed to channel and afford access to innovative drug therapies to those who need it most.

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